Elance, Inc. Review


I hired a freelancing company called Brainstorm Force in India who was dishonest with me and deceived me. I hired them through Elance. Brainstorm Force was supposed to help me gain internet presence and rank higher on search engines but I found out that during the time I hired them, I was never listed with any search engines. No one could find me! I didn’t pay this freelancer to have no one find me on the internet!! I couldn’t believe it. I have proof that I was deceived by this freelancer and had to hire another company outside of Elance to fix this issue which is a big deal. This other company was the one who told me that my website was nowhere to be found on the internet and provided proof for me during the timeframe I hired Brainstorm Force. | I called Elance and tried to get my money back but their process for refunding my money after funds are released through escrow is nonexistent. Basically, you won’t get your money back even if a freelancer deceived you and it was fraud! Even requesting for a refund after a job is closed is pretty much 0%. It is up to the freelancer to refund my money and I’m 100% sure they will not refund my money. Elance has no process for dealing with fraud after escrow is released and a job is closed. Since I didn’t know much about search engine optimization, I believed the freelancing company I hired. I believed they were doing their job to help me succeed. Big mistake on my part. I’m just sorry I hired this freelancer and I’m even more sorry that I went through Elance. Please help. How do I get my hard earned money back?

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