Electricity Freedom Green Bay Wisconsin Review


I did buy this and found the instruction to be incomplete. So I decide to look around, which lead me here. I did sent off some question to them, but got some canned responses. First thing that put up red flags is that Rich Lubbok claims to live in Illinois. Yet in the video instructions he uses DC appliances (all appliances in the USA are AC). The promise of “Youu2019ll also be given video guides and written instructions detailing EXACTLY how to connect your system to your electric box

or gas supplyu2026″” is not there. But for me that’s OK because I allready know how to do this. I installed solar panels and wind turbines into my house grid. The next part is the air pump. In the video he connects the 2 Pressurized lines to the in and out of the air pump. To me if your pressurising the in and out

the pump should no turn. I could be wrong here. I’m not an expert on pumps. So maybe it does work. Now this is where things get interesting. Lets say it does work. If so I can improve it. I would throw that alternator he is using in the garbage and replace it with my wind turbine generator. If the video of it in action is real

the speed I see is keep constant for 48 hours it should have some pretty good results in my opinion. The “”40 gallons metallic container”” he uses in the video is a “”14 gallon metal Well Tank. www.menards.com/main/plumbing/pumps-well-tanks/pumps/barracuda-3-4-hp-cast-iron-shallow-well-jet-pump-14-gallon-tank-combo/p-2269455.htm I found it at Menards. It comes with a water pump and cost around $300. It make me wander if he is from illinois. I’m from Wisconsin and I don’t think anyone from illinois calls a well tank a metallic container. He obviously made the cover and gasket for it. Well I have 60 before I ask for my money back

so I’m going to try some stuff out. u3000″

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