Eli Lilly and Company-Scammer Using Eli Lilly’s Name Fraudulently


I was contacted by Kelsey Colton concerni ng a Customer Service Manager position with Eli Lilly and Company and that the VP Dave Kinard would like to interview with me via messenger. Due to having an online interview before I didn’t think anything of it so I began the interview process. After chatting for about an hour with the "VP" I began to get skeptical due to the several grammatical errors in the messages. But what prompted me to check the BBB, besides my mom was the fact I was offered the position over chat and that has NEVER happened before especially not at 23.15 and hour. So after I was given instructions on a check being sent to my home to purchase some work equipment I messaged back advising that I am no longer interested and if my information is used I will be contacting the police.

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