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This company used my services, as well as other employee’s, contractors, mechanics, truck drivers, office personnel, trucking companies, independant contractors, and others for their services, and did not pay for the services rendered. They also convinced employee’s and contractors, to use their own personal money and credit to make purchases under promise to reimburse them for services rendered and items purchased under contract, and never paid for these items either. The company also has stolen credit cards to use for fuel purchases upwards of $20,000 + from at least one company/Individual, and has not every made an attempt to pay for this either. They also have sought out investors, to use them for their investments, for their own personal gain, and not to actually use to further advance the company other than to obtain more money to pay for their own items. One such case occured when they recieved a large payment, and instead of paying employee’s and contractors, and debts owed by the company, they used to pay for their own personal credit accounts, that are not related to the business, other than being owned by the owners of the company. The owners/officers appear to only use their companies to defraud people, and Entities, through establishing a company in which they fix the books to appear to be paying their debts, and showing profits, however, they do not pay their debts, nor employee’s, nor subcontractors working for them, and pocket the money to take exhobrant trips with their families to hawaii, Arizona, Texas and other Places. The Owners/officers of company and recently been found to have an extensive history of opening companies and performing pump and dump schemes and other deceptive techniques in which they have defrauded companies through credit, and work performed without every paying anyone, though they have been paid for the work performed. The Owners have also been found to have Prior Felony Convictions for Defrauding others. Owner Matt McRae, has a Current Sentence for a Felony Conviction of “Theft by Deception”, out of Elgin, Grant County, ND. Case No. 19-2013-CR-00013 publicsearch.ndcourts.gov/CaseDetail.aspx?CaseID=2608272 Where according to his Probation/Parole Officer, he has not made any attempts to pay the $15,282 he owes in Restitution for that case, to date. He also has been sued as Northern Elite Contractors, as this is another company name he used prior to changing it under a different LLC to Elite Rig Services, and Elite Management Services, in order to move on without the worry of payment to the previous debtors. He was sued by Northwest Tire, and Tires Plus for the Several Thousands of Dollars Owed to them. He also owes Dans Tire Service. Ronald Haas Sued him for several thousands of dollars in Elgin as well. Tires only judgement still active and unpaid: Case No. 51-2013-SC-00315 $4,40.14 Ronald Haas Judgement Still Active and Unpaid: Case No. 19-2013-SC-00013 $5,646.90 Matt’s wife Kami, has also co-conspired in his efforts to defraud others, and has been named in several lawsuites with him. Jeff Lamson, has also been involved with him as an owner, and has previously been in touble with the SEC for other businesses as a CPA and Corporate Officer. Jeff Lamson has also been convicted of sexual offenses involving his students at a school in which he taught and coached at in Northern California’s Bay Area. He was also convicted of embezzling funds from the High Schools Athletic Association. Jeff has since also started another company name, in which several other companies fall from with the Companies Authorized Agents are listed. This demonstrates that they have intentions of defrauding through deception, as the conviction of Matt McRae would demonstrate. They have Defrauded Indivduals and Coimpanys from North Dakota, to Texas in their efforts to proffit from the hard work of others, and the money of others, and the parts purchased by others, and the credit of others, and the credit funds of others, that they have stolen the use of, and deprived the individuals and companies of, by not rendering payment. Many attempts have been made to request payment from many individuals and companies, through many means. Many have been driving out of business, and to the brink of homelessness, and to the destruction of personal credit, due to these extreemly well crafted Con Artist’s.

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