Elitepso.com is a scam and Candace Sinclaire is a con artist


Do not work for this company. I found this website while looking for phone jobs in November. I was directed to an individual named Candace Sinclaire, who would not follow up with me until January after emailing her a third time. Unprofessional, rude, condescending, and a total liar. She steals pictures of other models off Niteflirt and gives the clients your phone number with a PIN to take the calls. (Sparknotes version: you are better off creating your own listings on Niteflirt than going through this scum bag C*u*n*t and Elitepso). She takes down all your social security, banking, and personal information, and tries to pass off everything as legitimate. She LOVES to harass you on the phone if you don’t do things her way. Will also insult and bully you for not opening emails she NEVER sent, even when you have the email logs right in front of you ([email protected]). And last but not least, she will hold your earnings hostage and ”terminate” you for not holding calls longer than three minutes, even though you, the independent contractor, are sensible enough to keep your own log of calls. This broad seriously needs to be reported and held legally responsible for this scam. In fact, if you did have the misfortune of dealing with her and her fake company, call the Federal Trade Commission and report her for collecting your confidential information and swindling you of your earnings and precious time with her BS company.

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