Elitepso is a scam Candace Sinclaire is a snake


I found an ad to work for elitepso.com in November of last year and contacted the oh-so wonderful Candace Sinclaire by email. She would not keep in touch with me until I emailed her a third time in January. The website and company was seemingly legitimate and so I gave out my information under the guise this was a real company. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. The company is a sham, this is basically Candace using stolen photos of other models on NiteFlirt and then giving you a pin to take calls. So the independent contractor is better off creating their own listing on NiteFlirt than going to this airhead Bitch. This c u n t will bully, lie, and belittle you for not opening emails she NEVER SENT, and then harass you on the phone for other trivial matters. Unprofessional, disorganized, nasty, and unscrupulous doesn’t even begin to cut it! The last blow came when not even two weeks after dealing with her and her sham company, she terminated me for “poor performance” after documenting all calls made the previous two weeks, and she refuses to pay my earnings. NiteFlirt needs to do something about Ms. Candace Sinclaire. She is scamming independent contractors at the company’s expense. Nobody is going to respect NiteFlirt until legal action is taken against this snake. I also reported her to the Federal Trade Commission, since she solicits banking information, social security numbers, etc. she will do other nefarious crimes and she needs to be stopped!!!


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