Elizabeth Hagen – Seal Beach, California California


Before I go on about my homewrecker and how screwed she really is, I must explain my husband. The man is a sociopath. For years I put up with his temper and his lies….which at the time I didn’t know he was lying. Blinded by love. Found him on multiple dating sights exploiting himself and denied it everytime. But with that I had proof. Again. Stupid na´ve lil girl I was. Made me lie to his parents about when we got married. I was only 20 so I went along with that, being nervous of what they would say. And I just learned is just horrific. I cant even get any sleep at night. And maybe you all reading this can throw some advise out there. I promise….homewrecker story coming soon! So! Ive just heard through his best friend that before we even met that he had a 2 yr old child who passed away. Now I have not brought it up to him because we are no longer together. || Thank you homewrecker. Seriously. So what is odd about this story is that not even his own parents knew he had a child. They heard about the death, but never knew he even existed. So no name, no pics, no details. So was there ever I child, I wonder. Apparently that was his main reason for joining the military, but he failed to ever bring it up to me, his wife of 5 years. || Homewrecker now. Elizabeth Hagen. I want to thank that whore for coming in between us and showing me what he really is. They work in the same command together. Actually, its not even legal for them to be together. But they are. My husband tried forcing her friendship on my out of nowhere. But we lived in a small military community where we know everything that is going on. So I had trusted my husband at the time and was fine letting him go on his lunch breaks with her and didn’t care when others started bringing it up. Until I learned that she had messed around with her chief. Who was also married. She did a good job at ruining that marriage. So I wasn’t going to let her do that to mine. Boy was I wrong! Sneaky lil whore weeded her way into my marriage. And of course I have a child with him so I wanted to do my best to save my marriage and go to counseling. But nope he wasn’t having it. But I was lucky. I gave my husband an ultimatum. Stop talking to her or lose his family. His answer was shocking! He chose her! Over me and our beautiful daughter. So my baby and I moved back home to Texas. And guess who wins the sociopath! Elizabeth Hagen. You can have my husband. The man is a nutjob. And I feel sorry for you. He is always going to lie, and he will probably cheat on you as well! My baby girl and I are so much better off without him in our lives.

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