Elizabeth Perez Houston, Texas Texas


I was glancing at my cell phone bill when I notice an usual charge for data and text messaging. So I looked to see whose number was using so much data and text. It was my husband of 15 years. I asked him about it and he seemed oblivious to the usage so of course I dug further and found one particular phone number on his records with over 2,500 text and over 3,000 mins of voice data. I called the number and a young lady answered the phone. I asked why was her number on my husbands records for the amount of time mentioned before and she denied knowing him and denied ever talking to him. She said this number was her husbands number and that they shared this phone. She said that my husband and her husband must be friends and work together. So I asked her where he worked and she said some factory in a nearby city. I asked her name and then she hung up. I immediately called my husband and confronted him with this information and he denied knowing the phone or even talking to anyone for that long period of time. I told him to get home so we could talk, in the meantime, I printed out the phone records so I could confront him in person. When he got home, he broke down and started crying saying he was so sorry. I said sorry for what? He said I’ve been going to a Strip club for two month on my day off. I was in shock and I felt like my world had just shattered to pieces. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t control the tears. I was in pure shock. We have been married for 15 yrs (recently celebrated our 15th) and he went to a strip club??? He said he was so sorry and that he felt horrible. He said other things but I didn’t hear anything else….I was so hurt, so crushed. I cried and he cried for what seemed like an hour. I had so many thoughts going through my head: what happens at a strip club; are the girls nude; do they touch each other? What actually happens? He said he was curious one day and went to Moulin Rouge Cabaret Houston 8930 Winkler. He said he paid for a lap dance and then left but went back the next week and paid for another lap dance by the same girl, Elizabeth, (he didn’t reveal the name at this time, I found the name through my investigation). He said on the second visit, they exchanged phone numbers. What the hell?? You’re married!!! That’s when the phone conversations and text began. I couldn’t take any more information so I got in my car and left the house. I called Elizabeth back and confronted her with this new information and told her to stay away from my husband! She denied knowing him and hung up in my face. || For the next two weeks, I experienced a range of emotions from sadness, hurt, despair, confusion, anger, etc… I contacted an attorney and a marriage counselor. I also looked online for answers. I just didn’t know what to do or where to go. My husband and I remained at the house but I just couldn’t look at him. Totally shocked by everything. I couldn’t sleep.,I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t think. I wasn’t functioning at work. I was just a mess! I prayed to God for help and guidance but….. I also decided to contact a Private investigator to help me with more information on who this Stripper is? Name of the club? And any information that my husband wasn’t providing me. I knew in my gut that he was withholding information about this but I couldn’t figure out what. I discovered that they talked on the phone early in the morning (3-5am) while he was at work, late at night when I was in bed, while I was at church, while I was shopping, whenever he could, they were either texting or talking. It just hurt so bad that I didn’t know he was cheating on me while I was in the house in another room. How could I be so stupid? I discovered over 2500 text messages between the two of them including picture text and over 3,000 talking minutes!!!!!! He has never spent this kind of time on the phone with me??? I’m his wife and he’s doing something for her that he hasn’t done for me. Can you imagine the hurt and the pain? || He scheduled our first session with the counselor which was somewhat helpful. He opened up about not feeling loved and wanted. Really? So you go to a Strip club? He also said that he was curious and that’s the reason he initially went. He also felt smothered in our relationship and he felt different at the strip club. I left that session feeling worse than I did before we got there. The Counselor said he believed our marriage can be restored because there is still a foundation of love present. He suggested that I let it go and move on and to forgive. I cried all the way home but I felt a new sense of self awakening in me. I couldn’t explain it but I didn’t feel hopeless anymore. || A week later, I had a bad dream about my husband and his mistress which woke me up in the middle of the night. I cried and felt paralyzed. I felt like he was holding out information. He still hasn’t revealed her name or any information about her which seemed like he was protecting her which pissed me off even more. He rushed home from work and assured me that it was over and that he would never do it again. I asked him how many times did he go to the club. He said at least 6 times. I asked how much he paid each time. He said 20 dollars. I asked if her touched any part of her body and he said yes. He touched her hips and breast. I asked if he kissed her. He said she only kisses on the cheek. She kissed him. I asked her name and he said her stripper name is Candy and her real name in Elizabeth. He said she is married but her man is in jail. He told me she has three kids and that she doesn’t have a license- has to be driven around everywhere including to the club. He said that her phone is always getting cut off so she uses her sis-in-law phone or her moms or her sons phone. He told me that they did talk on the phone but it wasn’t anything serious. He said he didn’t share personal information about me to her. He also said that he didn’t love her. I began shaking and asked him how many times did they fuck? He paused and then started sobbing. I asked again. He said 1 time. My heart sank. I asked when he said in Feb. I asked where he said at Moulin Rouge Houston in the Private room. I said I thought you only strip in the Strip club. He said, they went into the Private room for a lap dance. She asked if he had a condom. He said yes. She told him to put it on and let her tease it. She dance, straddled him, and rode him while he was in the chair. After they came, they went to the restroom to clean up. He paid and left. He said he went home and immediately showered. I started hitting him and yelling, how could he pay for pussy that he gets for free. Where did he get a condom? Why did he have one in the first place? He was sobbing uncontrollably and saying how sorry he was. It was a mistake and he wished he could take it back. Taking your dick out is not a mistake!!! I told him to get out. We are still married but our relationship will Never be the same. I don’t think I will ever forgive him and I don’t even think we will be together in the future despite what the Counselor says. I have not accepted any of this so it hard for me to move on. I can’t believe he cheated. I have been faithful the entire duration of our marriage. I assumed our marriage was happy. Many other couples look up to us and compliment us on being married so long. We just celebrated our anniversary and while they did not contact each other during our weekend getaway, they talked on the day we left and on the day we returned. The supposedly sexual encounter occurred the week after our trip. Everything now, seems like a lie to me: our marriage, our anniversary, his I love you messages, Everything! While I’m not consumed by it like I was, it still stings and hurst as if I just found out today. I deserve to be with someone who is faithful! || Yes I still love my husband but I don’t think it’s going to be enough to restore our marriage, I hurt beyond words and I don’t think I can forgive him nor forget any of this. || I am exposing Elizabeth Perez aka Candy as a Stripper/Prostitute who works at Moulin Rouge Houston 8930 Winkler because she fucked my husband in one of their Private rooms! Miss “Take it out and let me tease it!” She is a Prostitute- my husband paid for sex (he’s a john) with her. He said it only happened once but I believe it happened more than once. She’s married and a mother? Why would you prostitute your body for money? Get a real job like normal people! I want her family, her neighbors, her friends, and her community to know that whore she is. Wives better keep a close eye on your husbands, she probably fucking them at night and going to PTA meetings in the morning. I hope she gets busted by the Police! That will teach her a lesson!!!!! Skank ass bitch! I’m sure that club knows what’s going on???? || || >

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