They go by the name Eloan. Jack Taylor was the person that called me. He had the last four digits of my social. He also had my bank routing number. However, he asked for my account number. I didn’t have it at the time. So he told me to call him back. Due to the fact I’d been looking for a loan I figure they got my info somehow from the internet. He started out by saying I’d been approved. Asked me how much I wanted. I told home 5k. He told me congratulations I’d been approved. At that moment I knew something was up. I called back this morning with the “info” he asked for. Then he proceeded to read terms and conditions stating they were a “green” company and everything was done electronically. Due to that he needed my about password and user name. I proceeded to tell him that nobody has asked that. He said well this is considered online banking. I told him I online bank and no company had ever asked me that. He said after the transaction is complete I can change my info. I told him no, that’s not right. He kept insisting. I kept on, telling him no, I will not that I’ve even been told to never give that out. He went silent. I kept saying, “jack taylor” he finally said he was still on the line. I told him I’d be reporting him and the company to the bbb and police. He immediately hung up. Hmmm….Reported 9 minutes ago

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