Elle Alexandra Photography Review


Found her on Facebook and booked her for a photo shoot. Arrived at the location on time, only to have to wait an additional 15-20 minutes while she finished up the previous session. After the shoot, she changed the terms and wanted more money for less photos. Thankfully, we had the saved text messages where we had agreed on a price and number of photos up front. She said the would “honor the agreement” and we paid in full. | We were told the photos would be ready 7-14 days after the shoot. After the 14 days, we began to try and contact her regarding the photos we had paid for. She was less than responsive. We texted her letting her know we would be writing a poor review of her services. Finally she got back to us claiming we were acting “entitled” and were “harassing” her and to not to contact her again. Her “manager” contacted us and said that additional money was required to get our photos. Keep in mind, we had already paid in full. What is even more strange is that it was a very small amount of money they were requesting. Rather than risk losing the photos, or go through small claims, we just paid the money. They finally released the photos for us to download. | We noticed that other users on Facebook were discussing similar issues with her. We commented about our experience on Facebook as well. She deleted our comments and block us from accessing the photos we paid for. Unfortunately, our next step is to report her to the police for fraud and file a civil suit.

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