Elyse Galen Ridge, New York New York


Ever since our daughter was born 11 years ago this women has been waiting in the shadows to steal my husband away. . My husband has known her since he was a teenager or maybe younger. Her father and his father worked together. Right after our daughter was born she started contacting my husband. She was going through a divorce and under the pretense of having a fundraiser for her Autistic son she asked us to donate money for the charity that’s how she crawled her way into our lives! That was all well and good and I thought nothing of it. Then a few months later I happened to take a call on my husbands cell phone and when I finished with the call I started to look through his messages and low and behold, I find all of theses text messages from her to my husband. To be completely honest from the shock and surprise I can’t even recall exactly what they said but I know they were sexual and implied that there was something inappropriate going on. In shock and disbelief I confront my husband. he of course denies this and insists that nothing is going on!! I get his phone and call her and of course she denies this.. So like a fool I believe them. In the meantime, my husband in order to take the attention off of his affair says we were going to move and by this time Iím pregnant again and busy with the kids and the move and being pregnant. || Fast forward 11 years later I lost that baby and my husband and I continued to have problems. He was obsessed with porn was not intimate with me. Always blamed me for everything that was wrong in the marriage” you don’t work””you nag too much””your not nice to me””your Parenting is not consistent” on and on blaming me and never trying to make it right. We went to therapy he would never follow through or he would cancel the appointments. Well finally in 2013 right before Christmas he says he wants a divorce and serves me with divorce papers! All the while denying that he’s been having an affair with this slut. Mother’s Day I finally caught them and even now as we are going through this divorce, he has never admitted he has been seeing this whore all these years. They now live together and we are still not legally divorced yet. He tells our daughter that they are just friends but they sleep in the same bed! Not only is he a piece of shit and a liar he is weak and not a man! And as for her she is the biggest fastest, ugliest excuse for a women that there is!

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