Embassy Lottery


Received a letter and Check for $7990.90 saying the check was… "deducted from your winnings. The purpose of this check is to enable you pay for tax, insurance, shipping and handling on your winnings." Noticed that no where on the letter is my name (the winner). Check did have my name and the name of a grocery store chain not even in my state nor the state of the Lottery company. Also, the zip code information for the business the check was from was not correct (four digits instead of a five digit zip code for US addresses). Also noted, if a legitimate business were to send a check in the mail for $7990.90, would not they have their return address on the envelope and not just a plain envelope with a regular postage stamp?The letter itself has too many cut and paste font differences, especially the phone number you are to call.The "check" itself is the type you can get at a office supply store and print any information you want on it. Did a look-up of the business name on the check and called their corporate offices, they know nothing about it and the check is not from them. The routing numbers were not even for the bank that was indicated on the check. The check indicated Wells Fargo, but Wells Fargo said those are not their bank numbers and they do not have any accounts with those numbers.

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