EMC Multisystems W Kennebunk ME Review


I was working at my computer the other night and heard a loud snap and my monitor (EMC SA-770) went up in smoke. I called the phone number listed for the Texas service center. The phone is answered with recorded message intstucting you to “please enter your numeric message after the tone””. There are no other options!! I then called the California service center. The customer service representative informed me that my 3 year warranty was good for parts only. The labor to repair the unit would have to be paid by me. Minimum labor was $75.00 and I would also have to pay shipping to either Texas (wouldn’t ship there since I can’t even talk to a real person at their service center) or California!! I could buy a new monitor for the labor and the cost of the shipping (I live in Maine)!! So there warranty is worthless to me. Don’t think a monitor that is 1.5 years old should “”go up in smoke””!! I see that others have problems with this company’s monitors. Don’t do business with this company!!”

801 Sentous Street City of Industry, California U.S.A.


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