Emergency Dental Milwaukee Review


Huge snowstortm overnight. Very few people were out driving because it was so slippery. This is Wisconsin and people KNOW when to not drive. That was day when you don’t go out. | I called to cancel a follow-up appointment because it was too dangerous to drive. The receptionist said there is a $100 charge for canceling an appointment. I told her that was a lousy business practice that no one else does. She told me that they are a business and they “are in business to make money.” She was rude and acted like she was personally damaged and had the right to yell at me. She said I “disrespected her” because I refused to pay. She talked down to me and never said a word about good patient care. | I told her that I would not pay. I canceled becuse of the storm. She didn’t care. I asked to talk with the manager who was not there (maybe she decided not to risk the drive to the office?) I had a tooth pulled, got x-rays and a “limited oral evaluation” for $627 with an $85 discount for credit card on January 21. I paid in full. The tooth had to be puilled. The snowstorm was February 9 the day I was scheduled a follow-up appointment. Today I got a bill for $100 for a cancelled appointment. I will not pay it. I told them why and they are being unreasonable and nasty. | In addition to the dangerous driving that day, I use a walker. The dental office is on a hill. It is not a simple walk with no snow. With snow it is impossible. The walker can’t push through that much snow. | It’s time to file a discrimination complaint with the authorities and to contact the state consumer complaint office and the state department that permits them to provide dental services. | The dentist was good but the horrible money grubbing pushed me to go to a different dentist office for the implant. I even talked with the dentist the day he pulled my tooth about an implant and the regular services they provide. They are “in business to make money”. They just missed a bundle from me.

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