Emily Lewis everywhere Illinois


Complaint: This horrible mother swears she has been clean and trying to get her kids back but clearly she still finds drugs more important than her kids. She is trying everything in her power to make sure the kids don’t grown up in a happy loving family by trying to keep the three kids away from the Fathers who really love them. We have been working with Lawyers and non profits to try to win back our parental rights to take our loving beautiful daughter away from this horrible drug addict and alcoholic family. She went out for a dinner date and obviously forgot to cover up her track marks on her arms where she has hit all three veins in her arms and god knows where else she is shooting up. I hope with the numerous DCFS/DHS cases that have been filled against her that she will never ever get her kids back. She uses then as pawns to try and get whatever she can from the fathers by threatening to not allow them to speak to their kids without money for drugs. She is an evil sadistic woman who doesn’t care about anything more than when and where she can get her next fix. No matter what she does does she can’t hide from the law and enough people know what a horrible mother and person she is that I hope no one will allow these kids to go back to her and turn into troubled youths taking after their dead beat mom! If you see her or these kids please try and help them the best you can, contact the police, the case workers, anyone to help save these innocent babies. I hope someday soon she comes to her senses and realizes that this is no life for her or those three innocent babies. God bless them and her family I hope she knows the path she is taking will end her up in three places, jail, institutions, or the ground. I hope she figures out what is happening to those poor kids before its too late.

Tags: Dead Beat Moms

Address: 1003 W Madison ST ofallon, Illinois Uruguay


Phone: 618-509-2538

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