encante Blue Springs Nebraska Review


Was an offer on the internet for Encante, trial offer for shipping price of almost $6. I went to leave the page not interested in losing that much money if fake. Then was offered for $2 shipping. Ordered it for the reduced shipping price. It was sometime before I recieved it. But shortly after ordering they deducted almost $100 from my checking account. This I did not find out about until I got my statement the first of the month. It was not even 14 days after my order. I got on the phone with them and I will agree. They are very rude. They would not accept me sending it back (never been opened). After some argueing with them, graciously offered to refund me 25%. I told him no way was I paying almost a hundred dollars for something advertised as free on the invoice. I hope something can be done to stop this guy from his stealing our money.

Santa Ana, California USA


Bed & Bath

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