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I have worked for End2End Technologies for one year. End2End is a subcontractor company for Cox Communications. We install internet, phone and television services in residential homes. There are about 35 techs who work for this company, 4 supervisors and 2 managers. Most of us techs work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. We use our own personal vehicles but we have the option to use a company truck, but with that comes a decrease in pay. The job itself is easy. We install cable and deal with customers. The hard part is doing with bad management and doing too many jobs in a 2 hour time frame. We are under paid. We are paid by a point system. Techs start off at $1.45 a point. Installs vary from 15 to 50 points. Trouble calls are 8 points. Smaller jobs are 4 points. We do only 1 to 2 installs in a day and the rest are trouble calls. I do about 10 trouble calls in a day. I can be at a trouble call for hours and still only make about 13 bucks. Management rush you to your jobs. We do an average of 2-3 jobs in a 2 hour time frame. In order to make jobs on time we have to cut corners and are not able to do the job properly. Supervisors do a QA. Quality Assurance on jobs that we do. If they find the smallest thing wrong we get back charged and lose our pay for the entire job. It could be the smallest thing such as a loose fitting. It is against the law to backcharges W2 employees. We are not 1099. Taxes are taken out of each pay check. Management give you a route each morning based on your surveys. After we do a job, an emailed survey is sent to the customer allegedly. This is false and only selected customer are given the email. There is a 3 stage levels for surveys. You’re either a Detractor, Passive or Promoter. Detractors is when the customer is un happy with something. Either the tech did a bad job or the customer doesn’t like Cox Communications. If we are given Detractors, we get no installs. There are techs who have gone months without a single surveys and the manager even stated that it is rigged. This company does not support the field techs and does not help when we need it. We are set up for failure. It is only a matter of time until a lawsuit happens.

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