Entergy Corporation Complaint


Apparently three was an unpaid portion of a bill, to the tune of $20 (why?, I don’t know), it was carried over to the following months bill. Of which just a cumulative figure was given and a pay date of the September 21st given. On the 10th of September I arrive home in the late evening to found that my power has been out for a number of hours. I quickly call Entergy to find that I had to have a portion, that $20 dollars paid by 9th of September. This of course was nowhere on the bill, the bill I had included this amount a showed a due date of the 21st. Not a breakdown of $20 by the 9th and the remainder by the 21st. I did not receive any other piece of mail or a phone call about an interruption of my service. I was able to get the power restored and was forced to pay $50 reconnect fee. Which I complained vehemently about, as I feel I was not entirely at fault. I receive my current months bill, only to find that another magical $50 charge. I call and find that it is a $50 Deposit, to go along with the $200 deposit I gave them to start service. I ask why do they need so much deposit considering the my average energy bill is about $80 a month (single bedroom) and since they are so quick to pull the trigger on the plug, it would take 3 months of non payment to use up that amount (of course i would never do this). No answer.. It most be nice to run a Monopoly. If I had any other option I would get my power elsewhere. Thanks for reading

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