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I bought an entertainment book and was looking for coupons for my sons birthday – planning to stay overnight in a hotel. I found the hotels.com coupon and it said refund $20 for two nights. The page was not clear enough, so I called the number listed on there and asked about the rebate program and they went through the process with me. Advised me to book it over the phone or online. Rules You must book and confirm a Special Internet Rate to be eligible for offer. No call in or faxed rebates will be accepted. The online coupon is only valid for reservations on Special Internet Rates, booked and prepaid through Entertainment. Rebate Levels are as follows: 1-800-50-Hotel call reservations only 2 Nights- $10 Rebate, 3 or 4 Nights- $20 Rebate, 5, 6, or 7 Nights- $30 Rebate, 8 or 9 Nights- $50 Rebate, 10 Nights- $100 Rebate Online reservation rebates only 2 Nights- $20 Rebate, 3 or 4 Nights- $40 Rebate, 5, 6, or 7 Nights- $60 Rebate, 8 or 9 Nights- $100 Rebate, 10 Nights- $200 Rebate. Print out this coupon, write in your name, hotel and date of stay and mail after your completed stay. After Check Out, please send this coupon to: Rebate 2201 E. Lamar Blvd. Arlington, TX 76006 Not valid with any other offer, including, but not limited to, frequent flyer miles. For faster processing time, rebates will be credited back to your credit card within 3 weeks of receipt of this form. One rebate per customer or household. Rebate does not apply to vacation package hotel stays. Coupon valid for reservations booked online through Jun 30, 2008 for travel through Aug 31, 2008. “Booking”” means a completed stay booked on one Calendar day. Offer may be revoked without notice at any time. Our interpretation of the rules of this offer is final. Obtain your online booking confirmation via email for the link to your free online coupons.Mail in your rebate certificate below within 60 days of completing your hotel stay. Whatever they confirmed that’s what I did. They taught me how to fill up the coupons as well.So to sum it up

I got two roms for 2 nights and mailed out the coupon as soon as I received the email receipt. That was June 1. Come August 25

they email me stating the ff: Dear Entertainment Rebate Customer

This email is to inform you that our rebate department is unable to process the entertainment rebate coupon that was mailed to us for processing. Unfortunately

your current booking does not qualify for the program. To be eligible to receive the entertainment rebate reservations need to be made either online at: entertainment .com/travel or by calling 1-800-50-HOTEL. Since your booking was made by other means we are unable to process the rebate to you. When booking future reservations if you have any questions you can refer to the rebate rules and guaranteed best rate program rules located in the entertainment book and by using the website or phone number listed above.Sincerely

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