Entertainment Rewards – Ticketmaster Parlier California Review


Entertainment*rewards is a scam! I used ticketmaster to buy tickets online, that is how it all started. The people at ticketmaster said that I HAD to have knowingly signed up for entertainment*rewards to have it taken out of my bank account. I am going to put all their contact information at the bottom of this message. nI went to a lot of trouble to find entertainment*rewards. When I finally did find their website, I used the same email address I used at the ticket master site. Guess what? It worked! I had an account there that I did not sign up for! This is fraud. nI clicked on the forgot password link, and they sent me my “password.”” I have never ever even heard of them

this is really wrong that they are charging me 9.00 a month

and they know my email address

and my first and last name

and my HOME ADDRESS! nOh and don’t let your bank fool you into thinking that if you get a new bank card they can’t take anymore money out. I told them that during one of many phone calls

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