Epiclear helena Alabama Review


I ordered epiclear via telephone about a month ago. I was told that I would recieve my free sample in 7-10 business days and that my card would be charged the shippping and handling. I have yet to recieve the free sample and also agreed to try something else for 30 days for free. Some software or something. I was suppose to be able to cancel in 30 days and never be billed for anything. I would get a free coupon for a digital camera and could return the software and keep only one plus the digital camera at no cost. nI have not recieved anything and I know that I only have 30 days to cancel the product. It is a total ripoff and I am thinking that I will probably have to cancel my debit card in order for them not to be able to charge me a lot of money for a product I have not recieved and the information that I havn’t recieved to be able to cancel. nDenisenhelena, AlabamaU.S.A.

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