Epson Aurora Colorado Review


Epson had a promotion. “$50 Rebate When You Purchase Select Epson Stylus Printer WITH any Digital Camera””nWe made the purchase on 2/25/05 at Office Max. nWe were required to send in UPC bar codes – which we did.nWe were careful to tape the bar codes to the rebate form.n(We do have photocopies of this form with the barcodes attached.) nWe also sent the rebate forms by Certified Mail and have a return receipt. Epson now refuses to honor the refund as they claim that the bar codes were not included.nEpson either lied in their promotion or were careless at their rebate center and misplaced or lost our UPC Barcodes. nA copy of the photocopy can be provided upon request nRobertnAurora


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