Equitorial Bank Complaint


Dear Sir, I am writing my story so I can find someone can help me to get back my money. I file a complaint against both a bank Equitorial Bank Plc Bank PLC in Ghana and Mr. Morry Harry. because they have erected and swindled on large amounts of up to $23000/- thousand dollars and the story starts from: About two months ago, I received an e-mail stating that I won a prize from Yahoo email promotion and stated that I should contact Equitorial Bank PLC and Mr. Morry Harry to receive the prize. Of course, I sent them an email to confirm everything and asked him to provide me with the award certificate. Of course they sent all the papers proving that I am the winner. I have believed him, especially I do not work and I am a housewife. The money was supposed to be transferred to my bank account, but I received an email from Mr. Morry Harry informing me that this large amount cannot be transferred and that an ATM card will be sent via the courier company I’m not going to tell all the details, but this banker and Mr. Morry Harry robbed from me about $23000/-. I was like a stupid. I transferred all the money that they ask in the hope of receiving the prize money. Even today after sending all these amount, I have not received the prize. Mr. Morry Harry is still asking for more money like an ATM card has arrived in my country and that the person who will receive the card needs $ 9470 to deliver the card to my home. Do you know what Mr. Morry Harry did? He acted for $ 4500 on his own without my permission? He allowed to himself to betray the trust and betray people’s trust in him? Use my money without sending an email asking for permission? He now refuses to return the money $ 4, 500 / – This amount is a refund amount that had to be returned after 12 hours but he took the money and used it for other things and refused to return it back to me. Before two days Mr. Harry asked for a bribe estimated at $ 10, 000 to end the issue and receive the card ATM – Email attachment Now they told me the card had become invalid and it was returned to Ghana and asked me to issue a new card with all the expenses paid? Do you believe this? I paid $23000/- on a cancelled card and they wanted me to send nearly $ 4, 000 to send the new card!!! My money was lost. And finally the manager of the bank asked me to send $ 600 in order to return me $ 13, 000 and I already paid $ 23, 000? Is it possible to trust them again??. I lost a lot of money, but I swore to God that I would spread what happened to me to be through it to other’s. Attach all documents, transfers and personal identity in the hope that the world will be interested in these emails. Please read all emails and attached documents to avoid making the same mistake. Thanks, Mariam Moustapha 00965 [protected]

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