Ercia Douglas Pensacola, Florida Florida


So here is my story. I have been with my husband three years and married for one. He and I were having some communication problems that we have been working, so you know I chose to work through everything. The month before I caught on what was going on, I was sensing some problems but honestly thought it was just some stresses we had going on. We had stopped talking about the problems and this is where this thing steps in. She started working where my husband works and I guess decided she wanted him so he being married was fine. As she states, she knows what role she would play. He started talking to her I guess about our problems (mistake one) and from that she ran with it, telling him he deserves better and I am no good and using him and she would treat him like he should be, on and on. || In no way am I excusing him talking to her or anything but I do know from text a week into he told her it was wrong and he took her number out of his phone and told her. Well she went CRAZY. That was on a Friday and we had the weekend and Sunday came and I found out later she sent him a naked pic even after he told her to leave him alone, he wanted to be with me and work it out. Again still not addressing our issues, he and I had a fight and when he went back to work of course she is there. I was starting to get suspicious because of him working over a few times and he just seemed distant. I thought in my head, no way would he do anything so I blew it off until that next Friday.  He sends me a text meant for her. I knew as soon as I saw it I was right. I confronted him and he told me everything. Basically he had kissed her and met up a few times after work in public place but no sex at all of any kind. I gave him a choice. He told me he was stupid and sorry and he should have come to me and talked and he didn’t want her. I read the text and he was truthful. || He called her up and told her leave him alone and he wanted me and OMG she went CRAZY. Literally 90 texts in 3 hours, telling him she loves him and he was being used and I was nothing and threatening to hurt him and me and my kids. Saturday went good and Sunday she texted again. That is when we changed his number. For two weeks all she did is stare at him and try and talk and walk by him and finally she got brave enough to try and talk to him and he walked off. It has been very hard knowing she is there every day although I know he wants nothing to do with her. I chose to forgive him but the trust is not completely back. I really am trying to get past that but I guess it comes in time. I feel in my heart he is sorry and I KNOW he regrets it but when he leaves it is all I can think about sometimes. It got so bad the supervisor had to get involved because this person is PSYCHO. Now she is working on two other guys up there, BOTH MARRIED and one’s wife is pregnant. She has NO shame and is a complete moron. What kind of woman goes around giving sex to whoever will accept it? || Luckily I caught it in time and nothing more than kissing and sexting happened which to me is enough because honestly if he had sex with this skank I couldn’t have accepted it. It has been hard already with what was done and things said I read. WOMEN BEWARE, ESPECIALLY IF IN PENSACOLA. SHE IS RUTHLESS AND LIKES MARRIED MEN AND LOOKING FOR A DADDY FOR HER BABY. SHE IS NASTY AND A HO. SERIOUSLY SHE HAS NO SHAME AND IS WILLING TO TAKE ON THE ROLE OF THE OTHER WOMAN. Of course once in, she wants it all. I mean she was even jealous of another girl at his job, like she is a wife LOL. Please skank you are just a skank! I just hope she doesn’t mess up another life because she is working on it now and that’s just the ones we know about at work!

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