Eric D. Davenport Houston Texas Review


In February of 2017 Eric D. Davenport, contacted me about working for his company Petroleum International Exchange LLC, Mr. Davenport presented himself as an success business person who had made hundreds of millions of dollars while working in Africa. I agree to work for Mr. Davenport for a salary of $250,000.00 a year. I performed the work that Mr. Davenport said he needed to advance and grow his company. I introduced Mr. Davenport to people in my network who have achieved success in their respective industries and they were swindled too. Mr. Davenport did not make payroll in March 2017 and give the excuse that he would get his assistant in Houston to get on it and send my contract and pay. But foolishly I was trusting and as the months went by I was never paid, but the work I was asked to perform continued to get accomplished. In July of 2017 I went to Equatorial Guinea to complete a deal that I was working on for Eric Davenport. I was informed shortly after I arrived in country that Mr. Davenport had been secretly negotiating the deal behind my back the entire time. The GeProtrol Oil officials in EG informed me of his corrupt nature and warned me that I should cut all ties due to high level of corrupt acts that Mr. Davenport is involved in. I was never paid. I lost my savings and if anyone would like to join me in a lawsuit against Eric D. Davenport and his many fraudulent companies please contact me.

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