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Complaint: Eric Kalmus approached me through Facebook when he say my campaign highlighting my children had been abducted to Dubai. I was first sceptical of his approach but he was very good a convincing me he and his fraud company ABP World Group could help me return my children to me in the US. We spoke for some months and before I transfered the deposit he was now asking for. He was very clear not to transfer more the $10,000 at a time to stop raising suspicions. Eric Kalmus was also very forward about me deleting all of our corrospondence which at the start I listened to. Whatsapp messages and emails were deleted as I had gained trust in Eric Kalmus he would return my children who I so desperately missed. He told me it would cost $74,000 USD in total and that he would put me in contact with his ‘guy’ called ‘Woody’ who I soon found out was really Aaron Todd in Cyprus. Aaron Todd was working for ABP World Group but is based in Cyprus. I was told the plan would be in two stages where I had to pay Eric via Aaron’s bank account in Ireland. This I found strange but I wanted my children home. Eric told me he was a consultant for the FBI something at first I didn’t believe but the way he was explaining to me over the months other things which he seemed to be up to date with I believed he was with the FBI. The plan was Eric and Aaron would have new passports made up for my children in different names so that when they recover my children they could fly out of Dubai airport. Eric explained the quality of fake passports he can obtain were very good quality and I would have no problems going through immigration and landing back in the US. I had to trust Eric because I had no other option and would never see my children again. I had been saving for 5 years working 3 jobs. I had to borrow $15,000 USD from my family who knew of Eric helping me but no one else did. Eric Kalmus was very adament that no one else was to know about him and Aaron. Eric wanted $10,000 sent to himself but not to an account in his name. I was instructed to transfer money to Eric to this account name BT MEDIA LLC. The other money I was instructed to send to Aaron in Belfast Ireland. After I paid the deposit I was told by Eric that Aaron would meet me in Dubai 2 weeks later to go over things. I eventually met Aaron in the Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai Sheikh Zayed Rd. This I did. Aaron seemed like he knew what he was talking about and after my first meeting with him in the reception lounge of the hotel I was asked to transfer the remaining amount of money while I was in Dubai. I did this as instructed. I was instructed to wait in Dubai a few more days until my transfer to Aaron had arrived into his Belfast bank account. I didn’t hear from Aaron or Eric during those few days. On the 4th day Aaron messaged me (I have all these messages) asking me to meet him again in the reception of the hotel becuase he had information for me. When I met Aaron for coffee he told me that everything was good but the plan had to change as the passports they had organized were not good anymore. I started to panic very much and immediately thought I would not see my children again. I was so close to them but couldn’t touch them hold them smell them. Aaron then told me they needed another $55,000 USD in order to rent a boat to take us to Bahrain not far from Dubai. From there we could go to the US embassy and I would have no problems getting new passports from them. This immediately raised alarm bells to me as I knew this would not be the case. At the end of the meeting Aaron said unless I paid the extra 55,000 they could not help me. I quickly tried to reach Eric via whatsapp. He wouldn’t answer. Aaron told me he would stay another day and I needed to make the decision before he left. I knew I couldn’t get such a large amount at all let alone in one day. This was a disaster. I spent all night crying in my room. I couldn’t call my family back home as I knew they would be very angry. I was lost. The two men I trusted to have my children returned now seem to be total frauds. All night I tried Eric but he would not answer. Then in the morning he replied I am taking my child to school I will contact you after that. He never did. I emailed him and messaged Eric for 7 days straignt but he never replied. This was 2015 and I now have my children back home to me because of turning to another recovery organisation that Eric bad mouthed constantly warning me not to use them. Well I can honestly say Eric Kalmus and Aaron Todd are absolutely nothing but filthy frauds. DO NOT ALLOW ERIC TO CONTACT YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA (see attached fb page who are exposing many of Eric Kalmus frauds. I know now of 3 other parents since my nightmare experience with Eric Kalmus ABP World Group that they have scammed. I am very sure there are a lot more parents like myself out there that have been victims of the same scam. DO NOT LISTEN TO ERIC KALMUS HE DEFINETLY CAN TALK AS IF HE KNWOWS WHAT HE IS SAYING BUT IT’S ALL A FRONT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. I hope my coming forward will encourage other parents Eric Kalmus has scammed to do the same. He needs to be punished for this evil act. I am still in debt financially but I am just lucky enough to have my children home with me. We live day by day but I will never forget Eric Kalmus and Aaron Todd.

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