Eric L. Baum Boynton Beach Florida Review


I was scammed into paying for a Shelf Corp and a new CPN with a great FICO score. The contract that I was sent stated it would be done in 49 days. I was asked to wire all funds to US Bank and once this was complete I heard from the company only via email and very rarely. I was asked to be patient and that I would be “bless””. What a scam. I am so sick that I have taken money away from my kids after trusting this group. I cannot get my funds back because the account I wired to is now closed and though the company telephone number still has a recording

I have never reached anyone. I have tried several times and emailed Eric directly with no response. He is a TOTAL scam. BE ADVISED – this in no legitemate company.”

5319 University Drive Suite #140 Irvine, California USA


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