Erica Woodruff Colorado Colorado


This child is the worst kind of homewrecker. She befriended me as I befriended her and welcomed her into our family. She was a girlfriend of one of my brothers, this is the way she met my brother. He had a girlfriend that he had been with for a while. Well I made the mistake in confiding in her about issues I felt so deeply about. She started conforming herself into what my husband liked. I started seeing her trying to lose weight. She dyed her hair always trying to get me and my husband to go over and drink , mind you that she never liked my brother drinking. I saw the way my husband and her talked to each other then text messages started happening. Well I confronted her and him about it in front of my brother all both of them could say is we are psycho. Finally I read text messages and and messages about her loving him and so on. || My daughter and I packed up our stuff and left. A week later he was moved in with her. He still contacts me to this day. I’ve spoke with her since she’s trying to say that I’m trying to break them up hunny open your eyes he is scum and thats what you wanted. Him and I were together for 7 years he always tells me he dont love her but he never leaves. Karma a bitch god knows I did good by all involved. Right now she’s 8 months pregnant and been together for a year now. Like I told her she will get hers even if its not from me. To all you homewreckers show some class and find your own man.

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