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Erie construction sold us a new replacement tub. We were told that a professional crew would come out, take out the old tub and put in a new tub. When the job was done, the bathroom should be ready to use, and the crew would leave the bathroom all cleaned up. Well they didn’t. The bathroom looks worse now than it did before they came in and changed out the tubs.The new soap dish is installed at the top above everything. This is supposed to be a handicap usable tub. The 3 piece shower surround is marked up and has stains from something I can’t remove. Also a light fixture was installed into it. Who ever heard of an electical light fixture on a shower surround? I sure wouldn’t, I don’t want to be electicuted. Not using the shower or cleaning the area. The curved shower curtain rod is not installed right either. The end by the water spout is way out away from the tub. A lot of good that will do when grandkids come. I can jsut see the water everywhere from that. Also they didn’t put the water spout back in like it should have lbeen. They caulked it in place. It really looks terrible. When the guys were busting up the old tub, they kept dropping the sledge hammer down on the tile flooring, and busted up several tiles. Fortunately I had some extra, and got them. At first they weren’t going to fix their mess, but after we chatted a while and then called the company, they did replace them. But the had to undo the cauliking around the edge of the tub when they did. Anyway they recaulked around the front of the tub, but it is a really messy looking job. Also what ever the black rubbery stuff they had on their shoes, they got all over the tiles on the floor, and on the walls of the tub area and the tub. We tried using a steam mop and a soft scrubber on the floor, but the stuff just won’t all come off. Needless to say the tub and walls look bad enough already, so we haven”t even tried to clean that. One more problem. I think they put my plumbing together wrong. Everytime I use the sink or the flush the stool, water gurgles in the tub area. It never never did that before.. Yes I believe we have been scammed. The job was done on Oct. 14th. We contacted the company, and a guy came out the next dqy and said that he would get a crew out to get the job done right. We were callled and said a crew would be out on Monday the 27thl, nothing. Then we callled again and were told a crew would be out today, Nov. 4th. Again, nothing. I think we have given them enough chance to redeem themselves, and feel this is a really bad way to do business. Meanwhile we are going to have to pay over $8000 for a job we ar e very unhappy with. .

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