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Joe Schveder was referred to me by his father-in-law. I knew a man who was friends with his father-in law and I needed to ask him a question. While discussing things, I mentioned that I had work to do in our new house. He told me his sonin-law was a wonderful, honest contractor and would do a great job for me, absolutey! I hired Joe to install a new furnace and air conditioning unit, upgrade all electrical in the house and some other work. He had his worker come in to change all the outlets, install the dishwasher, put in a new kitchen sink and hang lighting. His worker cracked our tile floor in the kitchen and badly chipped our countertop. Joe refused to compensate us for it. The furnace and airconditioning unit he picked out for us (we trusted him) was the cheapest available on the market. He charged us the amount almost double what it would have cost for better units. We found out this later from a well respected furnace/air company. When I asked Joe who should I call if something goes wrong with the furnace or air, he said, “call me.” He never responded to our calls. When the city inspector where we live checked the installation on the job he did and found out that he had left us high and dry, he contacted Joe and I don’t know what he told him, but Joe came back to fix his installation so it would be up to code with the city. At that time, he cried…”I have cancer, that’s why I had to leave.” That is a lie and we found out later it was not true. This man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Beware of his easy going, pleasant personality. And, if you do hire him, be sure everything is detailed and you know what you are buying because wherever he can rip you off, he will. I have a copy of a letter I sent to him after he ripped us off. Not only does the letter state that we hired him in good faith because his father-in-law told us how good he is, but it explains in detail what he did to us and how ashamed he should be of himself, ripping off good folks who trust him. .

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