ERIN THIELE Lantana Florida


Complaint: Erin Thiele is not only a FALSE teacher, but a LIAR and a FAKE. She has WEAK women and men who will take what she says as truth by USING God as a way for her own greed and prosperity through TITHING. I took her online course for the past 8 months, and recently she excommunicated me, banned me and then threatened me with her fake anti-harassment Google email which included her threatening me law enforcement if I wrote another PRAISE REPORT form directed to JESUS about not being under the OT LAW of having to tithe. Yes, you read that right! WHY? Because if the TRUTH got out to her international tithers, then she won’t have her estimated 800,00.00+ a year income for SELLING THE LORDS GOSPEL any more. She REQUIRES her “students”” to TITHE to HER

Tags: Religious Groups

Address: although she claims she doesn’t “”need or want”” your money. She ENFORCES that you TITHE to HER “”storehouse””

Website: or have your marriage restored!She refused a question I emailed directly to her of the false teaching of Malachi

Phone: which she abuses the Malachi 3 chapter with. She then assures you that if you DO NOT tithe

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