Escobar, Inc.


On December 29th 2017. I was asked to send a minimum payment of $25 through “PayPal” for reservation holding fee for a audition to the agency “HMOA”. I presumed in the “PayPal” payment and submitted. On the day of my photoshoot December 30th 2017, I had given an additional $75 in (Cash) to “Escobar Robertson” to cover the rest of my alleged audition fee in total ($100). Asked “Escobar Robertson” for a receipt and was informed by him that he couldn’t present a receipt unfortunately. On January 13th 2018, Was informed to my knowledge by Escobar’s Assistant nicknamed “Aqua” for HMOA to also pay an additional $200 “Start-up fee” from my debit card to “Google Wallet”. I proceeded into the payment method. On January 16th 2018 then traveled to the address “60 Perimeter PL, Atlanta, GA 30346” were we did 3 different photo shoots…. One on the rooftop, another for a alleged fashion designer called “ThickFit Fitness Couture” and lastly, a fashion designer called “Hip Pride Clothing”. | When the photoshoot was finished, I asked “Escobar Robertson” for all of my photos to be sent to me before my departure he only sent me 10 photos of one look he photographed of me. He then asked for an additional payment of $100 in exchange for the remaining photos I haven’t received. I refused to proceed in the payment for work that is of my copyright. When I confronted “Escobar Robertson” on the phone pertaining to the remaining of my portfolio photos and my knowledge of the industry. He responded to me in a disrespectful, rude, and vulgar manner. In regards of “Escobar Robertson” he also refused to give me my remaining portfolio photos and refused to refund me any money. As a concerned consumer, I would like to proceed in a civil lawsuit against “Escobar Robertson”.

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