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e contacted me over a year ago to sign up with their site. At first things went great. It is sort of a free site but, you have to pay to get your own domain, do some updates, remove their pop-up ads, etc… All this was fine with me. I used the site all the time to promote myself and built up a decent fanbase throughout the year. I also did a TON of advertising USING the domain I paid for. I am about to lose all that. I had considered doing the webcam work, they suggested. Yet, I had read about the money theft. For a year, they treated me well and so I didn’t think badly but, my gut told me not to work webcam with them. I am glad I did not. Fortunately the only money that I am losing is from my website. After a year, their attitudes changed. I have NO idea why. The time came up for me to renew my domain. How I found out was that they sent me a warning, stating that it was about to expire and I got to renew soon. So I worked on it rght away. Their site would not work. I could not renew and the days were passing. I started to worry, because I had been sending them messages on their ‘contact form’ to help but, they wouldn’t respond. They provide no number to reach them at either. They apparently were around and reading member’s posts online, because I saw stuff pop up on their discussion boards. They review messages before they go on the board. So I thought this would be a good way to get their attention or maybe someone else who knew something. My posts never passed inspection. Yet I still saw other posts had. had read my posts for help and DELIBERATELY denied and deleted them. All hope was gone. Finally, just before the day of expiration, they told me they were sorry and would help me renew. I was so happy that I decided to forgive and forget for at least some time. Sadly. Things got worse soon after. I next learned that every time I logged in, I could get no further. If I would try to do any work on my website (or for it) I would recieve a big ‘ERROR’. I had had trouble signing on with them before. Pretty much all year. Their site would inform me nowand then that my email was not recognized and I had to switch it. I contacted them about this and they gave an answer (this time right away, almost) that was of little help. This ‘invalid email’ problem I got now and then, was something I became used to. This new error was different. I did not think bad about it at first and did not contact about it. I know that problems happen sometimes and figured they’d have it working in a few days or so. Nothing. So I started contacting. Nothing. I contacted for weeks. Something! They sent me a message, stating that they had fixed my password and sent me a link. That was it. I contacted back saying that wasn’t what I was havng trouble with. Nothing. I contacted again. Nothing. I CAN log on but, cannot go any further. I can see the discussion board when I log on, because the site automatically takes you to that. There have been no new posts for a few months. Maybe then can’t get in either or have had it with this company. The last straws were when I started getting emails from guys, saying that they were running into errors while trying to sign into my website, as members. That’s my bread and butter! Then I got a warning message from escortsite, saying that I am not upgraded enough to be given priority to repond back to in a timely manner. More money. They want more money after I just renewed with them, or I cannot use my site…. i had thought about giving them more money, so they’d be nicer but I have read that makes no difference anyways. Since escortsite wouldn’t let me post questions on their boards even if I COULD get in. I decided to track down a few girls through their websites. One had a contact form that worked. Thank God. The other two had their email right typed right ON their sites. Two of them told me that they had just started with escortsite. They had no problems and were happy with it. I remember those days. It was great up until I paid my renewal fee and then everything on my side, crashed. The other girl said that escortsite still had her site up but, she had long since abandoned it. She said that escortsite had stolen a lot of money from her and had been stealing money from many girls for months. That’s me now. I have no choice but, to lose my domain, my paid updates, paid banners, and start everything over. All that work over the year. And escortsite took my money then ran.

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