I am not positive this was a scam, but seeing as I can get anyone who I spoke to that worked for the company to respond, I am almost positive it is.I was texted this morning by someone named Angela. She asked me if I was looking for an administrative assistant position and I said that I was. She asked me to download a new IM app called Trillian so that I may be contacted. Unusual but not unordinary based on my experience. I was then on the chat speaking to a person who claimed to be named Shannon Borrelli. No company information other than the name and the website was given. That might have been my first clue. She then conducted an "interview" and then told me to wait online while she spoke to the hiring manager. Not unusual so I waited. It wasn’t until I gave out my address and phone number that it occurred this might not be what it seems and that was at the point where I was asking her for her information and she told me her only contact means was via the app. That was when I was sure I had just been scammed.

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