Esser, James & Associates, LLC Review


Esser, James & Associates, LLC is a Delaware Corporation operating under anonymous/ficticous names in Amherst New York and constantly changes their alias/names in order to dupe/fool the public. They are a company that tries to collect on debts that are invalid. My experience with them is plain and simple. I have requested to them that they validate the debts they have said I owe. They do not validate. Year after year, I am dealing with this company. They simply have no case and no valid reason to harass me. They have contacted my neighbors, friends, family and yet refuse to show a valid legal agreement where I am rightfully responsible for a debt. My credit is clean, the debt they claim has never been validated and yet the harassment continues. I feel that this company is simply making up debts and using auto dialers to harrass people. They say things like “summons filed”, “case number”, “court procedures” etc to intimidate people yet no actual court cases are filed, no debts are validated. No credit reporting. What is this all about????? Its a scam. Bottom line.

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