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Complaint: I received an e-mail extolling the benefits of Ethos gas additive, promising an increase of several miles per gallon. I responded and added the recommended amount of the product to both my gas tank, and to my motor oil. I have a 2003 Mercury Marque that includes a display of the miles per gallon the car is using. The meter indicated an average 18.1 miles per gallon at that point After several tanks of gas, and continuing to add the product, the average shown fluctuated between 17.9 and 18.0. Now, there was a warning that the mileage may temporarily decrease due to the “flushing effect”” of the addititve

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Address: but then a dramatic increase could be expected. After my first e-mail to Ethos I did get a reply but it was so confusing that I sent a 2nd e-mail asking for a clear explanation of why my mileage was less than I started with. I also asked how to apply for a refund. I received no reply and have heard nothing further frjom them since. Jim Fremont

Website: 916-878-3300

Phone: CaliforniaU.S.A.”

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