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The sales team lead/supervisor of the company said that if I purchase the vacation package (3 nights in orlando, and 3 nights in daytona), they would give me a pin# that would allow me to get 50% or $50 off of each theme park ticket I wanted. He told me I could save 50% of my entry costs plus the extra $100 they give to go towards the tickets which would save me something like $500! He also told me I only need to take the timeshare tour of the orlando property – not daytona. Tickets are normally $90 each per park… so that was the deal breaker for me. So a family of 4 could go to all 4 Disney theme parks for 1/2 price. (instead of paying for 16 tickets, I would only pay for 8 – but receive 16) I mentioned to him that Disney doesn’t give discounts like that, he said that they have the tickets in hand and I would need to just give the pin # to the reservation agent and pick the tickets up the day I arrive. Something seemed fishy. You have 15 days to cancel the package. I went through the online support 3 days before the 15 days were up, and no-one got back to me. So, I called to question the process and the tickets, but it was the 16th day. nWhen I called on the 16th day, the supervisor explained to me that the pin # is a side package and cannot be used at the same time of the package I purchased, and that it’s only a $50 discount for 1 ticket anyways. He also said I also have to take a tour of both properties – orlando and daytona. And that it’s passed the 15th day, and I cannot cancel the package. I told him he does have the power to cancel the package because it was sold to me under false pretenses and that a verbal agreement was made. He appologized, and offered to upgrade my stay or give me an extra ticket to the parks. I asked him to listen to the recordings – but I doubt they will. nSo basically, the sales office made a verbal agreement on the phone to which I would receive 50% off theme park tickets, pay $149 for the package and they would split the payment over 3 months ($79, $35, and $35) – BUT, my account was debited $79 and $70 on the same day (thank goodness I had enough money to cover it), and that I would only need to take 1 time share tour. nSo, the whole reason I baught the package was false, and they aren’t really compensating me for what they did. Don’t purchase their package… it’s more of a headache than what it’s worth. You could go to Orlando, and find a hotel that is $149 for the whole week. It might not have a waterpark, but you’ll probably only sleep there anyways.

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