Complaint: FORECLOSED BY HOA FOR PIZZA LUNCH TO DISCUSS EMBEZZLEMENT CONCERNS! Lakeside Plazas former board president, Frank Perau embezzled homeowner association (HOA) funds -possibly around $1 MILLION – resulting in probably another $1-$2 MILLION in foreclosures and other damages. Washoe County District Attorney # 406539, Reno Police Department # 08-031672 Prior to police investigation, homeowners wanted to call a meeting at the Lakeside Plaza Clubhouse to discuss issues of missing money and extortionate special assessments. However, the property management company, Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC) refused homeowners access to the Clubhouse – a common area for which homeowner paid dues. Upon refused access to the Clubhouse, homeowners then decided to hold the meeting at the pool to discuss concerns of embezzlement. In retaliation, EBMC sent this attached foreclosure threat to a Lakeside Plaza homeowner (committing both mail fraud and extortion) – as EBMC was no longer even the management company at the time. In retaliation, homeowners were threatened with foreclosure by EBMC, Gayle Kern, Esq. (Lakeside Plaza attorney) and Lakeside Plaza board directors which included HOA embezzler/former board president, Frank Perau. EBMC was sanctioned by the State of Nevada for “bribe”” payments to former Lakeside Plaza board directors which I highly doubt were ever reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Bribe payments might be construed as alleged conspiracy to commit tax evasion and tax fraud. At least one homeowner was illegally foreclosed due to this foreclosure/embezzlement/ whistle-blower retaliation scam. STAY FAR AWAY FROM LAKESIDE PLAZA. They have had issues with toxic black mold and disrepair due to serious financial concerns and past embezzlement.”

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