Eureka/Electrolux Home Care Products Richfield North Carolina Review


After some research, we bought a Eureka The Boss Smart Vac in July 2008. As of today, we have replaced the belt on this vacuum at least 6 times. We have called the company numerous times; they refer us to service centers. We have had the vacuum looked at several times. The company and the service center tells us there is nothing wrong with the vacuum, but that we need to turn it off and on and change the settings “correctly!”” That involves tilting the cleaner back to turn it on


change any settings

etc.! nNow

there is NOTHING in the owner’s manual or anywhere else in writing talking about this “”tilting”” business. That reminds me of what my dad used to say about “”holding your mouth right”” to get it to work! All we do is vacuum the carpet with the vacuum cleaner (and I certainly don’t do that every day)

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