Dear friends, beware DO NOT BUY FROM “Jan de Wijs” or his company “”. He is a cheater, lier and a deceitful con-man. He sells pigeons that do not exist, he keep advertises pigeons as having one type of amazing eye and they are a totally lies and in the best case if he ship to you then will ships pigeons that are in such appalling condition, they cannot even fly. He is swindler and not a trustworthy and the worst person you ever come across. Please stay away from this charlatan! Just Google “Jan de Wijs” and you will see that MANY people all over the world have had problems from this terrible man. Beside my bad experience dealing with him after he stolen $9.765. Here are some topics from different people you can check: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Please make sure to follow this page and share the post to help me stopping this fraudulent person. If you need any further details regarding to this person please contact me, also I’m willing to pay for anyone who can help regarding to this issue. Best regards Ali

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