Evergreen Lake Fishing and Camping Allentown Pennsylvania Review


EVERGREEN LAKE, BATH, PENNSYLVANIA THE CONDENSED VERSION:After a bad experience while a guest at my girlfriends campsite at Evergreen Lake in Bath, PA I posted a negative review online. Days later, the owner of Evergreen Lake demanded that the review be removed or my girlfriend would be evicted from the campsite with out refund. The review was not taken down and she was evicted one week later without refund at a loss of just under $4,000.00USD.THE DETAILED VERSION:1) What lead to the negative review On May 29, 2016 I went to visit my girlfriend at her campsite at Evergreen Lake in Bath Pennsylvania. On my way I got a little lost because I have only ever visited her there twice prior over a 3 year time span and was unfamiliar with the area. To better define “a little lost”” I was unclear how to enter the site and briefly traveled down two incorrect roads before I found my way to her site.Just before I reached her site a man on a four-wheeler approached my vehicle in an aggressive manor and started shouting at me; “”WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”” before I could process the question or answer he shouted again “”WHERE IS YOUR PASS!? DO YOU HAVE A PASS!?”” again

before i could answer he shouted again “”WHO ARE YOU HERE TO SEE?!”” … I reluctantly said my girlfriends name thinking I’m about to get her into some kind of trouble and I have no idea why. He then shouts at me again; “”YOU NEED TO GO TO THE OFFICE! GO TO THE OFFICE!”” and I’m left wondering “”What office?”” I’m new here and have no idea how any of this works. All I know is there is just some crazy man yelling at me for no reason.I immediately called my girlfriend on my cell phone and told her I need to go to some office and asked where it was. She said she saw the whole thing

told me where the office was and she would meet me there. I said this guy was yelling at me about some “”pass””

am I supposed to have a “”pass”” … she said; I already took care of it and she had the pass for me with her. (this lead me to wonder why we were going to the office at all .. but we went anyway)I pulled up at the campsite office

parked and waited for the girlfriend to arrive. While I was waiting the guy on the four-wheeler pulled into the small lot a few cars to my right. I watched him for a minute and thought he would go into the office to inform whomever was in there that I’d be coming. But he didn’t. Instead he just muddled around outside. This made me wonder if he was even affiliated with Evergreen lake or if he was just some rouge vigilante camper. I got out of my car to wait for my girlfriend but continued to watch him for a bit more. He still wasn’t doing anything that seemed like he was a staff member so I decided to ask him; “”Excuse me … who are you … I mean …”” and before I could clarify my question he shouted “”DON’T YOU WORRY ABOUT WHO I AM!””. Fed-up and realizing this guy just wants to fight

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