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I contacted steven eversole through his website, asking him to write a few blog posts about intellectual property. Would have been a multimonth contract too. Thank god i paid him through paypal which allows for refunds. | He never delivered any services. When i called him or emailed him, he would reply saying he researched the article and would have it ready for me by wednesday. I contacted him to find out what was going on when i never heard from him. Then he told me the author he farmed the work out to had abandonded him I never gave him permission to do this and he was deliberately misleading me when he said “he researched” the contact and he was almost done writing it. Eventually i asked for a refund. He started ignoring my calls, my emails, and alerts from paypal. | He lied alot. When i called his office, his secretary said he was in his office. Then when i heard from him later that day, he said he was in the hospital all day and hasn’t been to the office in a whileWhich was meant as an excuse for not answering his cell phone or emails which he sends from his cell phone. Which i knew was a lie, given that his secretary contradicted this. This was a weak excuse but i didn’t really care at that point. I was trying to get my money back. He said he would return the money and even responded “absolutely” to one of my texts when i asked him if he intended on refunding me. He then ignored all communication Call, emails to both personal and business accounts, voicemails, office messages, and texts) except for the occasional text message. Which is great, because there is a record of every time he read each text message and never replied. | Eventually i disputed the transaction through paypal, he never replied to paypal but emailed me asking me what it was saying he didn’t understand how to issue the refund. I offered to guide him through the process and even emailed him instructions on how to do it. Eventually after i escalated the dispute when he never refunded my money, they awarded me the refund. I really believe if paypal didn’t return my money he would have kept it as he did not give any indication that he was planning on returning the money. | This guy writes about himself as a christian on his avvo.com profile ” i attend church regularly and i’m a believer in christ. These are the reasons i do what i do.” “thou shalt not steal” is one of the ten commandments steven. You lied about being sick and in the hospital, which if you really did lie, that’s disgusting. Even if you didn’t, you still tried to steal my money after you never delivered any services. | You were not honest with me and you put me in an akward position with my clients. | Please do not use steven eversole. Do not pay him in advance. Make sure you live near him if you work for him so you can see him in person, because that will be the only way you can communicate with him if you try to get a refund.

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