Evita Guaico gaudalahara


Complaint: Beware of Evita Guaico, she is now working with a former prostitute, Natalie Gonzalez, Natalie formerly worked at Heaven on Hallandale Beach Blvd. It is a house of Prostitution, natalie now pimps for Evita Guaico. natalie makes the initial contact with pictures of Evita and promises of a continual sexual relationship for a large upfront cash deposit. Once Evita Guaico arrives, she performs her sexual services just the one time. They then will ask for more money and or cars, motorcycles, credit cards etc. for a continued relationship. natalie then arranges a meeting to collect, only to have Evita Guaico, not show up. They just recently stole $29,000.00 from an elderly victim. Beware of miss Guaico. She is very convincing, and seductive without her clothes on.

Tags: Prostitutes

Address: 500 ne 2nd street # 328 Dania Beach, Florida United States of America

Website: http://[email protected]/


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