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I worked for Evolve Motorcycles for long enough to realize that it’s and pretty much anyone else they can con into buying these scooters. . Evolve motorcycles sells electric scooters at fairly premium prices- starting at $2000 up to $5000 dollars a pop- justifying these prices in that the scooters are “American made” and are featured in stylish magazines like GQ. However when you put in “chinese electric scooter” you’ll turn up results that are eerily familiar to Evolves models. Now if this were just high profit margins then Evolve motorcycles and Ben Plum would just be another scummy company but . I’ve opened one and it 0. I had to replace the fuel gauges on the bikes because the power left was reported from the voltage of the battery. Now I would hope any idiot planning to start an electric motorcycle company would learn in batteries 101 that the voltage of a battery is constant until the battery is dead. . How does the work? Well Evolve has a great PR team, the coufounder is a male model named Alex – who is actually a decent guy I have no clue why he puts up with the place. He’s the one that get’s models and GQ interviews and a flashy website. Together they convince smaller dealerships to buy a bunch of bikes – , just money up front. When they finally do send the bikes out they come already dinged up and a couple don’t work at all. Avoid the angry feedback and repeat. . But wait, there’s more. The reason I quit working there wasn’t the Somebody please stand up to these guys they need to stop.

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