Electronic World Tech Services called me to tell me that my computer was going to crash due to malicious software delivered by way of a virus that they had received alerts about thru our Windows software. When questioned about how they would know the computer was at risk, they said they were the Windows “Tech Services” and the needed access to my computer to go then systems and clean it up before it crashes. They were able to verify the computer ID# which lead me to give them the benefit of the doubt. They then proceeded to want to get the computer online so we could go thru systems together. The particular computer with the windows system is one that we don’t use online, but foolishly I did. They proceeded to show me where it had been infected already ( with today’s date) then wanted to sell me their Firewall and other software. I said I needed to think about it and they’d have to call me back tomorrow, to which they said “I didn’t have time, my computer mAy not last.” I told them it’s a chance I’ll have to take, so they said they would call back but would continue ” working on my computer”. After I hung up, I got wise and disconnected and took my computers to be scanned and cleaned. They are looking for $.. I demand Get the word out!. Stay away

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