EXCEL Residential Services Complaint


After several maintenance request to have Mini Blinds replaced in the Master Bedroom with no response from Management at Corporate or On Site. I sent an email requesting an update on April 12th, 2017 an of course the Slumlords did not reply to the email. Thereafter, I walked to the office asked the manager about the blinds and she replied with a demonic look on her face “I ordered them 3 weeks ago” I said OK and she continues to tell me that Regional Supervisor – Ms. Mutula will be charging current tenants for blinds being replaced. I immediately enlightened the new manager. This was my response “You can tell your Regional Supervisor she want be charging me for the blinds since they were damaged by the Heat Treatment brought on by the BED BUG INFESTATION that the prior manager was aware of and failed to tell the tenants. ” This is just another example of the continued unethical behavior but what would one expect of SLUMLORDS! Excel Residential Services their employees and the Owner are all liars who evade Lawsuits and Treat their Tenants like Trash but continue to collect Rent Checks! I WILL FIGHT THIS BE CLEAR YOU WILL NOT CHARGE ME FOR BLINDS damaged due to the BED BUG INFESTATION that your company knew existed. See the Blinds and THINK HARD before you even think about renting at The Park at Country Place Apartments or any other property owned by EXCEL RESIDENTIAL SERVICES, INC in Los Angeles, CA …DO NOT RENT HERE! THESE SLUMLORDS are a Nightmare!! See Photos of Mini Blinds damaged by Heat Treatment for their Bed Bug Infestation and See how the Blood Sucking Vampire “BED BUGS” tormented me for weeks due to their Negligence!

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