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Making a hotel reservation thru Expedia cost me a $345 late cancellation fee at the Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel in NYC. Now I find out that they lied to me by saying they spoke with the hotel on my behalf to obtain a refund for the penalty. My flight to NYC was cancelled due to a winter storm on December 17. Since my credit card had been charged by the hotel, I called the hotel to inform them I was not able to get there and was canceling. The hotel said that they couldn’t waive the late fee because I booked thru Expedia and that Expedia would need to cancel my reservation. I tried for over one hour to call Expedia Customer Service. Unable to get a person. Tried to cancel on the website but couldn’t since I was supposed to be checking in. Tried again the following day, Spoke to a person who said they would call the hotel and get back to me. Never replied. I decided to wait for my credit card statement to see if there was a credit. No credit. I called the hotel again. Couldn’t help me. I called Expecia again. Said they would call the hotel manager. Called me back to tell me no luck but that since I had such a bad experience they would give me a voucher for $200 for future use. I filed a complaint with my credit card company. They have since upheld the late fee because the hotel told them Expedia never called. So, they screwed me out of $345, lied to me, and then threw a voucher at me to shut me up. Not happening. I am going to pursue other options to get my obey back in cash.

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