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I had received this email about my first assignment:Your First Survey Task delivery has been mailed(by Usps Priority delivery) to you and you will receive it on monday, if you don’t get it on monday you will by wednesday 7/11/18 unfailingly,You will follow instructions as soon as envelope is received and send a confirmation to the numbers provided in the instructions letter or send an email immediately to:([email protected])([email protected])Send text: (310)881-4282You will go ahead to cash money order at your bank at once or deposit it for 1 business day and signify by sending a picture of the deposit slip/ receipt through phone or email,Kindly make sure you complete the assignment with professionalism and send in a comprehensive survey report to our Company’s Admin Email:([email protected])([email protected])Send text: (310)881-4282As soon as you complete your 1st Task you will be eligible for a 2nd assignment.Have a great shopping day,Yours Sincerely,@2018Evaluationsurvey team.Los Angeles, CA.Text only: (310)881-4282I then received the below letter a few days later.Very, very naively, I followed the instructions (bc I had previously lost my job, only to be relying on a part time waitressing job and my car had just broken down, blah blah, blah). Two days later, I received a phone call and 3 text messages advising me to go back to Walmart and change the receiver’s name to a different name, Kehinde Y Balogun. The Indian man who called me said he was Richard Brooks. Of course, at that point, I didn’t believe any of it. I told him that I would email the company and ask them first before I did anything. I immediately hung up, emailed the original sender, did a search (which I should’ve done initially, I know), a Google search and realized the only way to un-scam myself was to go back to Walmart, re-wire the money back to myself, seeing as the receiver obviously hadn’t withdrawn it on their end in Texas (if they were calling and texting me to change the name of the receiver from Richard Brooks to Kehinde Y Balogun instead). So, I’m depositing the cash I got back from Walmart back into my bank account tomorrow and when the money order bounces in a few days/weeks, I’ll at least have the money there in my bank for them to take back (minus the bounced check charge).The other phone number that I received a text from today: 510-462-2731

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