Exquisite Home Products Orange New Jersey Review


One of my cousins contacted me about Exquisite Home Products because she worked for them, offering me a 3 days package vacation just for listening. Her and this other guy came to my house and presented home health products to me. I decided to order the 10in water filter and a shower filter from them on 09/08/2012. I had to put down $172 down and fill out a credit application, and was told that I was going to pay $39 a month. Someone from the company called me on 09/11/12 to set an appointment for them to come and install the filters. The lady on the phone told me, the earliest date they have was on 09/18/2012, so they came on that day and install my filters. On that very same day I contacted my cousin and told her the downsides about the filters and I would like to return the filters. At the presentation, they made it seem like the filters were for everyday uses, use it to wash dishes, bottles, cook, and bath my 9 months daughter in the kitchen sink. They said the purpose of the filters is to never have to use unfiltered water running through your pipes again. The water flow from their filter is very slow and it takes longer to wash dishes, bottles, and bath my daughter. The other downside is the water temperature takes longer to adjust to the temperature that you want, you don’t get cold or hot water right away when you try to balance and adjust the water temperature. My cousin told me before I return the products to allow her to send someone back to my house to see if they can fix the problem. Then on 09/21/12, while my wife was washing bottles, the small hose connected to the filter, burst and water was everywhere. I called Exquisite Home Products directly and told them, I want to cancel and return their filters. The lady on the phone told me, I can’t return the filters, they have a 3 days return policy from the day you ordered their products and signed their contract. I told her what contract? My cousin said all I was signing to was to a credit application, and agreeing to make all payments. She told me, their 3 days return policy is also written on that same contract. I told her, I don’t care what your contract says, something that important, people shouldn’t have to read it in your small print contract, whoever the sales rep is, they suppose to tell you that up front. Nobody in their right mind, would ever order something for $1092 if they knew, they can’t return it if they don’t like it. They took 9 days before they came and install the filters, and now they telling me, their 3 days return policy was from the day I made the order. She said, all she can do for me is an exchange. They are a scam company because they don’t believe in their own products, that they have to scam you into buying their products, and when you do, you can’t return it. Company who stands by their products gives you 14, 30, 60, 90 days to return their products if you don’t like it. Not 3 days where that 3 days return is already expired by the time you get their products delivered to your home or installed in your home. My cousin and I aren’t talking anymore because of that, I told her, I don’t care what your company said, fix it or I’m not talking to you again.

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