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Complaint: Linda Taix from owner of Extreme Boot Camp screwed me out of $800 2 days before Christmas for handy man work that I completed. During the initial construction phase, she made me go out and buy all the products out of my own pocket and rent my own utility truck to complete the work. She said to keep all receipts and that I would be compensated upon completion of the project. Once the work was done I came to her home to ask for the check and she had her husband/boyfriend literally push me off the property telling me to get the f*ck off the property and that if I do not that I am trespassing and he will call the cops or beat my @ss. These two people are 100% crooks. She said that she would not pay me because she couldn’t find a contractors license under my name and when I went to go show it to her she refused to speak with me and said if I step foot on the property again that I will be charged for trespassing. DO NOT support this company Extreme Boot Camp or Linda Taix. I am a one man shop and being screwed out of $800 before the holidays is something that I will never wish upon anyone. www.extremebootcamp.com – Extreme Boot Camp – Linda Taix

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 1424 Foothill Blvd. La Canada, CA 91011 La Canada, California United States of America

Website: www.extremebootcamp.com/

Phone: (818) 790-2770

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